5 Reasons to do a Student Exchange Program in Germany

Engaging in a student exchange program is beneficial to you as a student. However, some challenges come with getting an exchange program done. One of these is the lack of proper understanding of what a student exchange program entail. Another is the challenge of deciding which country will be best suited for your program. Also, the area of finance may pose itself as a significant challenge.

If you have any of these difficulties, you do not need to worry. Rather than fretting, all you need to do is to get the correct information required. For instance, you need to know what a student exchange program entail. A student exchange program is a program in which you get to study abroad for a duration with one of your institution’s partner institutions. You may also check out a list of german loan companies in case you have financial restraints.

One of the best countries to help you achieve your program’s aims is Germany. Germany offers a lot of opportunities and easy learning. To further understand this, you may read more about what an exchange program in Germany entails on de.collected.reviews. On the other hand, this article will help highlight some of the crucial reasons you consider doing a student exchange program in Germany.

1.Almost non-existent tuition fee

One of the fundamental reasons you may want to consider doing your student exchange program is to enjoy the almost non-existent tuition fee available for domestic and international students in public universities. The government made this decision in October 2014. It stated that all international students would be free from paying the regular tuition fees for public universities. However, they may pay few administrative costs, which include the student union fee, public transport ticket, and student contribution.

2.Availability of several degree courses

Another reason you consider Germany for your student’s exchange program is the availability of several degree courses. Germany has several top universities, and as such, there are countless high-quality degree courses available as well.

3.Globally recognized institutions

As mentioned earlier, Germany has several top universities. Getting a degree from one of these top universities will go a long way to add quality to the certifications and degrees obtained. The good thing is that your program or degree gets recognized globally since the universities are top-ranking and globally recognized.

4.Affordable cost of living

The standard of living and renting a house in Germany is relatively cheap. Therefore, you do not have to become confused about how to afford the cost of living while studying in Germany. You may also consider sharing the apartment with a friend. That way, the expenses will become shared. Purchasing foods and other critical essential services like public transport, amenities, amongst others, is also affordable.

5.Work opportunities

The German law is quite accommodating when it comes to international students. It allows you to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week or 120 full days of a year. Therefore, you have the opportunity to study and work at the same time.

There is also a wide range of jobs available for you to explore without necessarily having qualifications in the initial stage.

Although you may not necessarily have to work part-time while studying in Germany because the cost of living is affordable, it will help to increase your future employability, which will, in turn, help you lead an independent life even after school.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the reasons mentioned above for you to consider doing your student exchange program in Germany, you may also consider the possibility since it will allow you to learn a new language.

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