Why is study in Germany a good option?

Education is a form in which knowledge is passed on to the learner thereby impacting the learner positively and bringing a lasting change to a learner’s reasoning and ability to achieve a targeted goal. Education is necessary because it helps to retain knowledge throughout different generations. Education also makes one be a critical thinker hence making one be self-reliant and be ready to be absorbed into society. Education makes one become professionals in different fields and helps one to be able to differentiate between good and bad. There are three types of education

  • Formal: Formal Education is the education gotten from schools and institution
  • Informal: This is built on the learner’s participation.
  • Non-formal: this includes, learning from experience, home, work, environment etc.

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Why study in Germany?

Germany is one of the best places to study in the world, it has a high standard of education, and it produces some of the world’s best outstanding students. According to World Population Review in 2018 on education ranking, Germany was ranked 4th in the world that gives top-quality education. Other interesting facts about studying in Germany are as follows.

1.    No tuition fees at public universities

This is one of the factors that would put a smile on a student’s face. Imagine getting high-quality education with little or no tuition fees. The fees for higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the state thereby making it free of charge for domestic and international student.

2.    High-quality education

The universities are fully equipped with contemporary technology and qualified professional staff. Being tutored by these professionals makes you fully prepared and transforms you into an expert in your chosen career.

3.    Great job opportunity

While studying in Germany, you are free to work even as an international student. There is no limitation whatsoever for EU students in finding a job, students from countries that are not under the European Union, can also apply for a work permit, this enables the students to meet their daily financial needs. Students from non-European Union countries are only restricted to work 190 full days or 240 half days per year.

4.    Multicultural environment

Germany is a country that welcomes people from different cultural background and there is no restriction. You get to see and meet people from different countries, interacting with them opens up your mind to acknowledge and accept cultures from other parts of the world.

5.    International recognized degrees

In Germany, universities now operate under Bologna reform this ensures all students get unified and internationally recognized certificates such as Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degree and PhD.

6.    The study can also be done in English

Although knowing how to speak German is important as this is needed for your daily interaction with locals and it’s also a plus to your bilingual skills, it is not a compulsory factor when enrolling for studies in Germany. If your German language skills are not that good, you can also study in English while your German language skill advances.

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